澳洲慢速英语听力播客 第16期:墨尔本的有轨电车系统(1)

Podcast Number 7 — Melbourne's Tram System
Hi, In my last podcast, I told you about Melbourne's train system. That's the best way to get to and from the suburbs of Melbourne. But when you are in the city centre, the _________Tram system is the best and most _________ way to get around. Melbourne's trams _________ and are a part of the _________ of Melbourne. I love to hear the sound of a tram bell as a tram _________ a tram stop. I can still remember taking my two boys on their first tram ride when we came to live in Melbourne in 1994. They were so excited as young children to be riding on a tram through the streets of Melbourne. And so was I. I still enjoy a tram ride today, around 20 years later.

Melbourne's tram system _________ _________ for the city centre and many suburbs _________ to the city. Actually, Melbourne's tram system is the largest city tram network in the world. The _________ has 250 km of _________, 487 trams, 30 different _________ and 1,767 tram _________. Like the trains, trams are quite _________ to use and are great for _________, _________, _________, _________ and those who _________ or near the city centre.


transportn. 运输、运输工具;(常用复数)强烈的情绪(狂喜或狂怒

trackn. 小路,跑道,踪迹,轨道,乐曲 v. 跟踪,追踪

robv. 抢劫,掠夺

networkn. 网络,网状物,网状系统 vt. (以网络)覆

澳洲慢速英语听力播客 第17期:墨尔本的有轨电车系统(2)

Melbourne's trams also take very large numbers of people to and from the many sports and other _________ _________ here in Melbourne. For example, during the Australian Rules Football season and the _________ season, extra trams will run to carry many sports fans to and from the MCG and the Docklands _________. During events such as the Australian _________ _________ in January, the Australian _________ One race in March and the Melbourne Cup in November, extra trams will also be running in order to _________ the large numbers of people to and from the _________.

And it works very well too. Trams are great _________ _________.

One of the great things about trams is their _________. Many trams are _________ in _________ colours or _________ with bright _________. My favourite tram is the one painted with pictures of Rhinos. Rhinos are a very _________ African animal. Trams are big and heavy too.

This tram is giving the message that one tram _________ as much as 30 Rhinos. Car drivers need to take care that they don't _________ with a tram. Trams are not to be _________ on the road!

A popular tram in Melbourne is the City Circle tram. This is free and _________ just within the city centre.


circlen. 圈子,圆周,循环 v. 环绕,盘旋,包围

collidevi. 碰撞,互撞,砥触

popularadj. 流行的,大众的,通俗的,受欢迎的

formulan. 公式,配方,规则;代乳品 adj. (赛车的)级的

澳洲慢速英语听力播客 第18期:墨尔本的有轨电车系统(3)

It goes in a _________ _________ around the city centre passing major _________ _________  and shops. You can _________ and _________ these trams during the day as you _________ the city. City Circle Trams run in both _________ around the route and come every twelve minutes or so, between 10am and 6pm from Sunday to Wednesday and from 10am to 9pm from Thursday to Saturday. These trams are _________ W class and are painted

. You should try these when in Melbourne.
 免费环城有轨电车在市中心周围的环形路线上运行,路过主要旅游景点和商店。在墨尔本游览, 这种环城电车可以随上随下。环城有轨电车有两个方向,每12分钟左右一班,周日至周三上午10点至下午6点运行,周四至周六上午在10点至晚上9点运行。这些有轨电车是古老的W-class有轨电车,颜色是褐红色。大家在墨尔本旅行时可以试试坐这种有轨电车。
Riding a tram is easy. You will need to buy a Myki card (just $6 at retail stores and railway stations) and 'touch on' when you get on the tram, then 'touch off' as you get off. It's that easy.
Have fun on Melbourne's trams.


minutesn. 会议记录,(复数)分钟

explorev. 探险,探测,探究

circlen. 圈子,圆周,循环 v. 环绕,盘旋,包围

routen. 路线,(固定)线路,途径 vt. 为 ... 安排

retailn. 零售 vt. 零售,传述 adv. 以零售形式

robv. 抢劫,掠夺

circularadj. 循环的,圆形的 n. 传单,通报

commentn. 注释,评论; 闲话 v. 注释,评论


The route we had planned took us right  acrossGreece.


  1. The train was delayedapparently due to leaveson the line. 

  2. The Northern Line is the worst on the London Underground.

  3. Mainline services can be very quick, but travelling on the branch lines is much slower.


 the money that you pay for ajourney in a vehicle such as a bus ortrain: fare

Train fares are going up again.

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